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Now Pay Delinquent Real Property Taxes Online
Eaton County Treasurer, Bob Robinson, announced this month that Eaton County property owners have a new and convenient way to make delinquent tax payments.  The treasurer’s office has contracted with Official Payments, a leading provider of electronic payment solutions to offer delinquent tax payment processing over the Internet through credit card and debit card transaction.  Visa, Discover, and MasterCard debit and credit cards will be accepted. This new service offers taxpayers a fast and efficient way to pay online and reduces manual processing time in the treasurer’s office.

“Through a unique partnership with Official Payments and BS&A Software, taxpayers can get online, pay, and process their delinquent tax payments instantly, in real time,” said Robinson.  “This is part of our ongoing work to increase efficiency in the treasurer’s office.  It can also help folks avoid last minute additional fees and interest on their past due real property taxes.”

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New Legislation Extending Property Tax Exemptions to Qualified Disabled Veterans

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Parks Commission Survey

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The following survey has been developed by the Parks Commission and staff to gather information to be used in the planning process of the Parks 5-year master plan.  Those who live in Eaton County are encouraged to take 5 minutes to complete the survey and provide your feedback.    This survey will be open for 60 days, closing on May 16, 2015.  

                                 2016-2020 Eaton County Parks Master Plan Survey


 Solar Power Energy Generation Statistics

Click here to view how many kwh have been produced by Eaton County's Solar Panel. 

Eaton Good Food Plan

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Recycling Events - Spring Clean Up

Spring Clean Up
May 16th, 2015 9am-3pm
Delta Township (Exact location to be released upon completed registration) . 

Accepted Items
    • Electronics
    • Household Hazardous Waste
    • Medications
    • Tires
    • Document Shredding
    • Books
    • Yard Waste
    • Scrap Metal
    • Freon Containing Items 
    • Household Batteries
    • Eyeglasses & Hearing Aids

 For a complete list of accepted materials, click here.

 To volunteer for this event, please call (517) 543-3686 or email

International Prosecutor web sites

UPDATED: September 3, 2013


West Mid-West South North-East Federal Associations International





  Botswana :
    Attorney General's Chambers 
  Kenya :
    Director of Public Prosecutions 
  Lesotho :
    Ministry of Justice & Human Rights 
  Madagascar :
    Ministère de la Justice 
  Malawi :
    Ministry of Justice & Constitutional Affairs 
  Mauritius :
    Attorney General / Ministry of Justice [ 2
  Namibia :
    Ministry of Justice & Attorney General 
  Senegal :
    Ministère de la Justice 
  South Africa :
    Minister of Justice & Constitutional Development
    Cape of Good Hope Director of Public Prosecutions [ 01/30/04: N/A ]
    National Prosecuting Authority 
 Swaziland :
    Ministry for Justice & Constitutional Affairs
    Attorney General
    Director of Public Prosecutions 
 Tunisia :
    Ministere de la Justice 
 Uganda :
    Minister of Justice 
 Zambia :
    Ministry of Legal Affairs [ 02/22/02: N/A ]



Abu Dhabi :
     Public Prosecution [New]
Bahrain :
     Ministry of Justice & Islamic Affairs 
Brunei :
     Attorney General 
China :
   Hong Kong Department of Justice
     Macao Public Prosecutor-General 
Cyprus :
     Attorney General
     Ministry of Justice & Public Order 
Dubai :
     Public Prosecution [New]
India :
     Ministry of Law & Justice 
Indonesia :
     Prosecution Service [ 01/30/04: N/A
Israel :
     Ministry of Justice 
Japan :
     Ministry of Justice 
Kazakhstan :
     Ministry of Justice
     General Public Prosecutor [ 06/09/03: N/A
Lebanon :
     Ministry of Justice
     General Military Prosecutor [ 01/30/04: N/A
Mongolia :
     Ministry of Justice 
 Pakistan :
     Attorney General 
 Philippines :
     Department of Justice [ 2 ]
     Solicitor General
     Balcolod City Prosecutor [ 02/18/08: N/A ]
     Dipolog City Prosecutor [ 02/13/07: N/A ]
     Tagbilaran City Prosecutor 
 Qatar :
     Ministry of Justice 
 Russia :
     Primorsky Region Public Prosecutor [ 05/10/05: N/A
 Singapore :
     Attorney General 
 South Korea :
     Ministry of Justice
     Supreme Public Prosecutor [ 2 ]
     Taegu District Public Prosecutor [ 06/09/03: N/A
 Sri Lanka :
     Ministry of Justice, et al 
 Taiwan / Republic of China :
     Ministry of Justice [ 06/09/03: N/A ] [ 2 , 3 ] [ 02/18/08: N/A
 Thailand :
     Minister of Justice 
     Attorney General 
 Turkey :
     Adalet Bakanligi (Ministry of Justice) [ 07/01/04: N/A
  Uzbekistan :
     Ministry of Justice
 Office of Public Prosecutions 
 Vietnam :
     Supreme People's Procuracy [ 09/26/01: N/A ]



 American Samoa :
     Department of Legal Affairs [ 2 , 3 , 4
 Australia :
     Attorney General
     Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions
     Australian Capital Territory Attorney General
     Australian Capital Territory Justice & Community Safety
     Australian Capital Territory Director of Public Prosecutions
     New South Wales Attorney General [ 2 ]
     New South Wales Director of Public Prosecutions
     Northern Territory Attorney General [ 06/09/03: N/A ]
     Northern Territory Director of Public Prosecutions [ 2 ]
     Queensland Department of Justice
     Queensland Director of Public Prosecutions
     South Australia Attorney General
     Tasmania Department of Justice [ 2 ]
     Tasmania Crown Law
     Tasmania Director of Public Prosecutions
     Victoria Department of Justice
     Western Australia Ministry of Justice
     Western Australia Director of Public Prosecutions 
 Cook Islands :
     Minister of Justice 
 Fiji :
     Attorney General 
 Guam :
     Office of Attorney General [ 2
 New Zealand :
     Ministry of Justice [ 2 ]
     Crown Law Office 
 Northern Mariana Islands :
     Attorney General [ 2
 Solomon Islands :
     Ministry of Police & Justice [ 01/30/04: N/A ]



 Armenia :
     Ministry of Justice 
 Austria :
     Bundesministerium für Justiz [ 2
 Belarus :
     Ministry of Justice 
 Belgium :
     Ministry of Justice [ 2 ] [ 02/13/07: N/A
 Bosnia & Herzegovina
    Ministry of Justice 
     Republic of Srpska Office of the Prosecutor 
 Bulgaria :
     Ministry of Justice 
 Czech Republic :
     Ministerstvo Spravedlnosti 
 Denmark :
     Justitsministeriet [ 2
 Estonia :
 European Commission :
     Justice & Home Affairs 
 Finland :
     Oikeusministerio [ 2
 France :
     Ministry of Justice
     Minister of Public Prosecutions [ 01/29/01: N/A
 Germany :
     Bundesministerium der Justiz
     Baden-Württemberg Staatsmin. der Justiz
     Bayern Staatsministerium der Justiz
     Brandenburg Staatsministerium der Justiz
     Hamburg Justizbehörde
     Hessisches Ministerium der Justiz
    Hessen Staatsministerium der Justiz
    Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Justizmin.
    Niedersachsen Staatsministerium der Justiz
    Nordrhein-Westfalen Staatsmin. der Justiz
    Rheinland-Pfalz Ministerium der Justiz
    Reinland-Pfalz Staatsministerium der Justiz
    Sachsen Anhalt Staatsministerium der Justiz
    Thuringen Staatsministerium der Justiz 
 Georgia :
    Ministry of Justice 
 Greece :
    Ministry of Justice 
 Guernsey, Bailiwick of :
    Law Officers of the Crown 
 Hungary :
    Ministry of Justice 
 Iceland :
    Ministry of Justice 
 Ireland :
    Attorney General
    Department of Justice
    Director of Public Prosecutions 
 Italy :
    Ministry of Justice 
 Jersey, State of :
    Law Officer's Department 
 Latvia :
    Ministry of Justice 
 Liechtenstein :
    Department of Justice [ 2
 Lithuania :
    Ministry of Justice 

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   Luxembourg :
    Ministère de la Justice 
   Macedonia :
    Minister of Justice [ 2 ]
    Public Prosecution Office [ 2
   Malta :
    Ministry for Justice and Home Affairs [ 2 ]
    Attorney General 
  Man, Isle of :
    Attorney General's Chambers 
  Moldovia :
    Ministerul Justitiei
    Procuratura Generala [ 02/22/02: N/A
  Netherlands :
    Ministerie van Justitie
    Office of Public Prosecutor [ 2 , 3
  Norway :
    Justis- og politidepartementet [ 2 , 3
  Poland :
    Ministerstwa Sprawiedliwosci 
  Portugal :
    Ministério da Justiça   Attorney General [ 2 ]
    Public Prosecution Service 
  Romania :
    Ministerul Justitiei [ 2
  Russia :
    Prosecutor General
    Samara Region Public Prosecutor [ 02/18/08: N/A ]
  Scotland :
    Minister for Justice [ 2 ]
    Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service 
  Slovak Republic :
    Ministerstvo spravodlivosti
    Generálna Prokuratúra 
  Slovenia :
    Ministrstvo za pravosodje [ 2 , 3 ]
    Supreme State Prosecutor General ( Vrhovno državno tožilstvo )
    State Attorney's Office ( Državno pravobranilstvo )
    Public Prosecutor [ 01/29/01: N/A
 Spain / España :
    Ministerio de Justicia
    Departament de Justícia de Cataluña 
 Sweden :
  Switzerland :
    Federal Office of Justice
    Federal Department of Justice & Police [ 2
 Ukraine :
    Ministry of Justice
    Ukraine Prosecutors 
 United Kingdom :
    Crown Prosecution Services [ 2 ]
    Crown Pros. Services Inspectorate
    Home Office
    Serious Fraud Office
    Criminal Justice System: UK
    Criminal Justice System: N. Ireland
    Procurator Fiscal Service
    Revenue & Customs Prosecutions Office 
 Yugoslavia :
    Ministry for Justice [ 07/01/04: N/A ]




International Criminal Court :
    Office of the Prosecutor


 Barbados :
    Attorney General
    Director of Public Prosecutions [ 06/09/03: N/A
 Belize :
    Attorney General 
 Bermuda :
    Director of Public Prosecutions
 Canada :
    Department of Justice
    Solicitor General
    Public Prosecution Service of Canada
    Alberta Department of Justice
    B.C. Ministry of the Attorney General
    Manitoba Ministry of Justice
    New Brunswick Ministry of Justice
    Newfoundland Department of Justice
    Northwest Territory Department of Justice
    Nova Scotia Department of Justice
    Nova Scotia Public Prosecution Service
    Nunavut Territory Dept of Justice
    Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General
    P.E.I. Education & Attorney General
    P.E.I. Crown Attorneys
    Québec Ministère de la Justice
    Saskatchewan Department of Justice [ 2 ]
    Yukon Territory Department of Justice 
 Costa Rica :
    Procuraduría General de la República 
 Dominican Republic :
    Procuraduría General de la República
    Escuela Nacional Del Ministerio Público 
 El Salvador :
    Procuraduría General de la República 
 Guatemala :
    Ministerio Público [ 2
 Honduras :
    Ministerio Público 
 Jamaica :
    Ministry of Justice
    Director of Public Prosecutions 
 México :
    Procuraduría General de Justicia
    Aguascalientes PGJ
    Baja California Norte PGJ
    Campeche PGJ
    Chiapas Fiscalia General
    Chihuahua PGJ
    Coahuila PGJ
    Colima PGJ
    Distrito Federal PGJ
    Durango PGJ [ 05/10/05: N/A ]
    Guanajuato PGJ
    Guerrero PGJ [ 02/18/08: N/A ]
    Hidalgo PGJ
    Jalisco PGJ [ 2 ]
    Estado de Mexico PGJ
    Michoacán PGJ [ 02/18/08: N/A ]
    Morelos PGJ
    Nayarit PGJ
    Nuevo Leon PGJ
  Puebla PGJ
    Querétaro PGJ
    Quintana Roo PGJ
    San Luis Potosí PGJ
    Sinaloa PGJ [ 2 ]
    Sonora PGJ
    Tabasco PGJ
    Tamaulipas PGJ [ 2 ]
    Tlaxcala PGJ
    Veracruz PGJ
    Yucatán PGJ
    Zacatecas PGJ 
 Nicaragua :
    Procuraduría General de la República 
 Panamá :
    Ministerio de Gobierno y Justicia
    Ministerio Público 
 Puerto Rico :
    Department of Justice [ 2
 Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. :
    Attorney General [ 2 ]
    Ministry of Legal Affairs
    Director of Public Prosecutions [ 02/13/07: N/A
 US Virgin Islands :
    Attorney General



 Argentina :
    Ministerio de Justicia y Derechos Humanos
    Ministerio Público / Procuración General 
 Bolivia :
    Ministerio Público
    Ministerio de Justicia y Derechos Humanos [ 09/26/01: N/A
 Brazil :
    Ministério da Justiça
    Ministério Público Federal / Procuradoria-Geral
          1ª Região
          2ª Região
          3ª Região
          4ª Região
          5ª Região
    Bahia Ministério Público / PGE [ 02/18/08: N/A ]
    Espírito Santo PGE
    Distrito Federal e Territórios Ministério Público
    Ministério Público do Mato Grosso [ 01/30/04: N/A ]
    Mato Grosso do Sul Ministério Público/PGE
    Minas Gerais Ministério Público / PGE
    Paraíba Ministério Público / PGE
    Paraná Ministério Público / PGE
    Pernambuco Ministério Público / PGE
    Rio Grande do Sul Ministério Público/PGE
    Ministério Público da Rondônia
    Roraima Ministério Público [ 09/26/01: N/A ]
    São Paulo Ministério Público
    São Paulo Procuradoria Geral da Justiça
    Santa Catarina Ministério Público / PGE 
 Chile :
    Ministerio de Justicia [ 09/26/01: N/A ]
    Ministerio Público 
 Colombia :
    Ministerio de Justicia
    Filscalia General de la Nacion 
 Ecuador :
    Procadoría General del Estado
    Ministerio Público 
 Paraguay :
    Ministerio Público 
   Perú :
  Ministerio de Justicia
Ministerio Público 
 Venezuela :
    Procadoría General de la República
    Ministério Público



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