Committee Assignments



Ways and Means Committee:
Members: Roger Eakin (Chairperson), Kent Austin (Vice Chairperson), Joseph Brehler, Glen Freeman III, Brian Lautzenheiser, Barbara Rogers and Heather Wood.

Public Works and Planning Committee:
Members: Brian Lautzenheiser (Chairperson), Barbara Rogers (Vice Chairperson), Terrance Augustine, Christine Barnes, Joseph Brehler, Roger Eakin, and Glenn Freeman III.

Information Technology and Communications Committee:
Members: Wayne Ridge (Chairperson), Brian Droscha (Vice Chairperson), Christine Barnes, Jeanne Pearl-Wright, Howard Spence, Jane Whitacre and Heather Wood.

Public Safety Committee:
Members: Kent Austin (Chairperson), Wayne Ridge (Vice Chairperson), Brian Droscha, Jeanne Pearl-Wright, Howard Spence, Jane Whitacre and Heather Wood.

Health and Human Services Committee:
Members: Barbara Rogers (Chairperson), Heather Wood (Vice Chairperson), Brian Droscha, Brian Lautzenheiser, Jeanne Pearl-Wright, Howard Spence, and Jane Whitacre.