Paying Felony Fines

Circuit Court Fines and Fees

Upon sentencing defendants in felony cases are usually ordered by the court to pay fines and fees.  In Eaton County these are paid at the County Clerk’s Office, 1st floor.


Public Circuit Court cases can be searched online at:

You can find the Case ID (docket number) and balance due. 

Providing the docket number with payment ensures it is applied to the correct case.


How to pay

  • Online: Eaton County Online Payments – Felony
    • Click the link above, which takes you to a LexisNexis Payment Solutions page,
      on that page select the button titled Probation Payments
    • Please enter defendant name, docket number is not required but is helpful
      Payments will be processed during regular business hours
      There is a $4 processing fee for each online payment 
    • Please keep a copy of your payment receipt, we do not send a physical one


  • In-person
    8 am – 4:30 pm M–F Charlotte Court House 1st floor
    or Certain Fridays 9am – 1pm Delta Twp basement level
    • Cash
    • Money Order or Certified Check only   We CANNOT accept personal checks
    • Debit or Credit Card (processing fee applies)
      percentage fee for credit starts at $2.50 and goes up based on the amount paid
      $2.50 fee for debit


  • By Mail to: Eaton County Clerk
                    1045 Independence Blvd
                    Charlotte MI 48813
    • Money Order or Certified Check only  
      We CANNOT accept personal/non-certified checks
    • Please provide defendant name and/or docket number 
    • If you want a receipt please include a note with your payment requesting it, we don't send one automatically


Supervision Fees

If the defendant is/was on probation or parole there may also be supervision fees ordered to be paid.  Those are paid to MI Department of Corrections.

You may pay them online at:
Or the probation/parole officer might provide addressed envelopes for mailing payments.


Contact information

517-543-2478  Eaton County Clerk’s Office

517-543-4362  Eaton County Circuit Probation Office

517-543-4335  Eaton County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office


Additional Resources

Misdemeanor and Traffic fines are paid to District Court

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Index of County Clerk Links

County Clerk's Office Contact Information
Kimberly Morris, Chief Deputy
Phone: 517-543-2426 or by Fax: 517-541-0666
1045 Independence Blvd. Charlotte, MI 48813

Links in black are to outside websites or pages (not managed by Eaton County Clerk)


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Campaign Finance

Election Results


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Funeral Home Online Payments

Death Certificate Certified Copies—Funeral Homes

Ordering Copies

It is helpful if you indicate to us number of copies and where the copies should be mailed or otherwise handled (there are multiple ways you can do this: by phone 517-543-2478 or by fax 541-0666 or by or through an EDR message to our staff (Kimberly H., or Corin K.) or through our online payment portal.)

We are not able to give/send out certified copies until we receive payment.

Please note standard mail time may be several weeks.

Counter Pickup

Copies can be picked up in person at our offices:


Online Payment

Lexis Nexis VitalChek disclaimer: For your convenience, you can process online requests through an independent company that Eaton County Clerk has partnered with to provide you this service; VitalChek Network, Inc. Vital Chek can be reached through their website. An additional fee is charged by Vitalchek for this service and all major credit cards are accepted, including American Express®, Discover®, MasterCard®, Visa®

Online Ordering process

1.Go to the Online Payment portal

2.Click EDR/Funeral Home Orders

3.Enter Order Information

a.The “Reference” box can be used for a brief comment or instructions (like where to        send the copies)

b.The “Amount” box refers to the payment amount (copy price amount)—please refer    to the pricing chart below
   *the service fee is automatically applied later, just enter the copy price

c.You can submit one payment for multiple records-- you will just have to  communicate to us the division of copies per record.

4.Enter the billing and payment information

a.Payment can be made with Credit Card, Personal Check or Business Check

b.Note the order total (including the service fee) is listed at the top of the screen

5.Continue through until the order is submitted

We will process the order during regular business hours (usually the same day received) mail time is the limiting factor.

UPS/ Expedited shipping
If you are needing your order expedited you can place your order through VitalChek, this provides a UPS shipping option at additional cost and the service fee is slightly higher.
Order with VitalChek


Mailed Payments

Make checks payable to: Eaton County Clerk
and mailed to:

Eaton County Clerk
1045 Independence Blvd
Charlotte, MI 48813

We are not able to mail out the certified copies until we receive the payment.
Please indicate where the copies should be mailed.


Escrow Account

We currently do not offer an escrow or “tab” account payment system but are looking into the possibility.  Please let us know if that would be something you’d be interested in using.



$15 for the first copy and $8 for each additional copy of the same record.

Pricing restarts with each individual record.
Contact us regarding pricing if the death record was corrected.

Eaton County 
Certified Copy Fees
1 $15
2 $23
3 $31
4 $39
5 $47
6 $55
7 $63
8 $71
9 $79
10 $87
11 $95
12 $103
13 $111
14 $119
15 $127
16 $135
17 $143
18 $151
19 $159
20 $167
21 $175
22 $183
23 $191
24 $199
25 $207

*This does not include online payment or card fees, but our system will automatically apply the fee
so just enter the copy price.


Veteran Copy

One Veteran’s-use-only certified copy is provided free of charge when the certificate indicates the decedent is a veteran.  For clarity please distinguish in the order the veteran copy from the amount of standard certified copies.
For example: “[number of] certified copies, plus a veteran copy”

An order with a veteran copy does not affect the pricing of that order’s standard certified copies; for example an order of “6 copies plus a veteran copy” would be 7 copies total and the total copy fee would be $55.

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Resource: Identifying Jurisdictions

Eaton County has an online resource that can be used as an aid in identifying the jurisdiction of a particular address. The program is through our Property Descriptions department and is accessible at:

Please note this program will only have Eaton County addresses and care should be taken in ensuring you have the correct address including street direction and zip codes

Once at that web-address, near at the top of the page is a search bar into which you type the address. Make sure the search wording to the left of the bar reads “Search Municipal Records By: Address”  If not correct it by clicking on it, this should open a drop-down list from which you can select “Address”. Then type in the address information and hit enter or click the search button.
This should either bring up the property or a list of properties (please note there may be multiple pages of listings that you may need to click through and/or adjust the “records per page” settings to see all results.  Also, the system may only show a limited number of results for a large search output, in the top margin of the result it will say "Displaying items 1 - 50 of 200 Results Limited" but you can click the "Load All Results" near it.)  Once you find the address you are looking for click on it and the program will open a details page for that property. The jurisdiction will be listed under “General Information for Tax Year…” as the “Unit”  

You can search with partial information such as just the address number (or a partial street name like Hope for Mount Hope, Jo for St. Joseph/Joe) in fact fewer details usually gives broader search results.

City or Village boundaries can be seen on a map at

If you have any issues determining jurisdiction feel free to contact our office.



Medical Examiner's Office (for cremation permits)

Office at Delta Township

Come see us on:


























County Clerk at Delta Township

First and Third Fridays, 9 AM to 1 PM

Delta Township Administration Building  7710 W. Saginaw Hwy Lansing, MI 48917

located on the basement level


Please see the rest of our website for more information about specific services or call Delta Township: 517-816-8222 or 517-323-8590, Charlotte: 517-543-2280



This satellite office provides many of the services of our main office such as:

      • Apply for marriage licenses, pick-up the marriage licenses and file the solemnized marriage license
        There is a three day waiting period after applying for a marriage license, see our marriage page for more info.
        Please allow for up to 30 minutes spent in our office during the application process.

      • Apply for a DBA / Assumed Name certificate  


      • Apply to become a Notary

      • Purchase certified copies of birth, death, marriages, and military discharges
        Please note some older records may not be readily available as they have not been digitized and the physical copy is in Charlotte-- it is recommended you contact us ahead of time regarding records older than 1990s.

      • File a Statement of Organization for Campaign Finance

      • File your Affidavit of Identity to become a candidate

      • Renew or Apply for a Concealed Pistol License
        Some applicants will need to be fingerprinted to complete their application; the Delta Division of the Eaton County Sheriff's Office does not fingerprint.  You can be fingerprinted at any LiveScan location such as the
        Charlotte Eaton County Sheriff's Office or the Ingham County Sheriff Office in Mason.

      • Make felony probation court costs and restitution payments

      • Register to vote

      • Apply for a County Veteran’s Peddlers License


Please note payments at our Delta office with a debit card have a $1 fee and credit cards is a $2.95 fee.
We are only able to accept Visa, Mastercard or Discover cards at Delta, sorry for any inconvenience.


Your time is valuable, sometimes calling ahead can shorten your counter wait-time.  
For example, we can prepare certain records ahead of time and have them ready prior to your arrival for pickup during Delta hours (some even if it is the Treasurer's 2nd or 4th Friday of the month.)
Just contact us ahead of time, we will accommodate requests as we are able.


Delta Eaton County Flyer

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Precinct Delegates




Precinct Delegates

Elected every 2 years; the next election of Delegates is August 5, 2014



Complete and file one of the following forms with the appropriate Clerk.

Precinct Delegate
Affidavit of Identity

Filed with County Clerk’s office

Filing Deadline
4 PM May 6, 2014

Write-In Candidate—Precinct Delegate Declaration of Intent

Filed with Clerk of precinct (city or township) if filing after regular deadline

Filing Deadline

4 PM August 5, 2014



Allocations per Precinct


Finding your Precinct

County Commissioner Districts Map
Enter your information and then click the “search” button.
On the following page click the: [+] My Voting District Information


Previously Elected Delegates

2012 Republican Delegates
2012 Democratic Delegates

2010 Republican County Delegates
2010 Democratic County Delegates

2008 Republican County Delegates
2008 Democratic County Delegates


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