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Death Certificate Certified Copies—Funeral Homes

Ordering Copies

It is helpful and may expedite your order if you indicate to us number of copies and where the copies should be mailed or otherwise handled, (by phone 517-543-2478 or by email: or through a EDR message to our Staff (Kimberly H., Kimberly M., Corin) or through our online payment portal.)

We are not able to give out or mail certified copies until we receive payment.

Please note standard mail time may be several weeks.

Counter Pickup

Copies can be picked up in person at our offices:


Online Payment

Lexis Nexis VitalChek disclaimer: For your convenience, you can process online requests through an independent company that Eaton County Clerk has partnered with to provide you this service; VitalChek Network, Inc. Vital Chek can be reached through their website. An additional fee is charged by Vitalchek for this service and all major credit cards are accepted, including American Express®, Discover®, MasterCard®, Visa®

Online Ordering process

1.Go to the Online Payment portal

2.Click EDR/Funeral Home Orders

3.Enter Order Information

a.The “Reference” box can be used for a brief comment or instructions (like where to        send the copies)

b.The “Amount” box refers to the payment amount (copy price amount)—please refer    to the pricing chart below
   *the service fee is automatically applied later, just enter the copy price

c.You can submit one payment for multiple records-- you will just have communicate      to us the division of copies per record.

4.Enter the billing and payment information

a.Payment can be made with Credit Card, Personal Check or Business Check

b.Note the order total (including the service fee) is listed at the top of the screen

5.Continue through until the order is submitted

We will process the order during regular business hours (usually the same day received) mail time is the limiting factor.

If you are needing your order expedited you can place your order through VitalChek, this provides a UPS shipping option at additional cost and the service fee is slightly higher.
Order with VitalChek

Mailed Payments

Make checks payable to: Eaton County Clerk
and mailed to:

Eaton County Clerk
1045 Independence Blvd
Charlotte, MI 48813

We are not able to mail out the certified copies until we receive the payment.
Please indicate where the copies should be mailed.

Escrow Account

We currently do not offer an escrow or “tab” account payment system but are looking in to the possibility.  Please let us know if that would be something you’d be interested in using.



$12 for first copy, $5 for each additional copy of the same record.
Pricing restarts with each individual record.

Eaton County
Certified Copy Fees



















































*This does not include online payment or card fees, but our system will automatically apply the fee
so just enter the copy price.


Veteran Copy

One Veteran’s-use-only certified copy is provided free of charge when the certificate indicates the decedent is a veteran.  For clarity please distinguish in the order the veteran copy from the amount of standard certified copies.
For example: “[number of] certified copies, plus a veteran copy”

An order with a veteran copy does not affect the pricing of that order’s standard certified copies; for example and order of “6 copies plus a veteran copy” would be 7 copies total and the total copy fee would be $37.

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Resource: Identifying Jurisdictions

Eaton County has an online resource that can be used as an aid in identifying the jurisdiction of a particular address. The program is through our Property Descriptions department and is accessible at:

Please note this program will only have Eaton County addresses and care should be taken in ensuring you have the correct address including street direction and zip codes

Once at that web-address, near at the top of the page is a search bar into which you type the address. Make sure the search wording to the left of the bar reads “Search Municipal Records By: Address”  If not correct it by clicking on it, this should open a drop down list from which you can select “Address”. Then type in the address information and hit enter or click the search button.
This should either bring up the property or a list of properties (please note there may be multiple pages of listings that you may need to click through and/or adjust the “records per page” settings to see all results), once you find the address you are looking for click on it and the program will open a details page for that property. The jurisdiction will be listed under “General Information for Tax Year…” as the “Unit”  

If you have any issues determining jurisdiction feel free to contact our office.

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