Election Training


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Election Training

Elections Deputy Clerk: Kimberly Morris 517-543-2488


Election Inpectors (workers) must be trained by the County Clerk at least once every two years in order to remain eligible.  Next expected training: Summer 2018


Clerk Resources

       Secretary of State Website

       Training Videos (Bureau of Elections Youtube)

       eLearning website

       MOVE Information 

    Mailing Guidelines

       BOE News Update Newsletter signup

       Voting Equipment 

          Equipment Vendor Information

       Inspector Application 

       MI Election Law

 Line Simulation/Optimization 

 Voting Timer App


Election Day Resources

       Procedural Manual (flip chart)

       Election Day Issues

       Polling Place Accessibility

       Acceptable ID

       Procedure for Handling Optical Scan Ballots Rejected in the Polls

       Affidavit of Lost or Stolen Absent Voter Ballot

       Receiving Board Checklist

       Properly Sealing Ballot Containers

       Actionable Election Day Offenses



1.       Processing Voters

2.       Sealing Ballot Containers 
     *be sure to also watch the container specific video(s) for those used in your precinct

3.       Provisional Ballots

4.       Duplicating Ballots

5.       Challengers, Voter Challenges

6.       Checks and Balances

7.       Campaigning

8.       Precinct Delegates

9.       Automark: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 

10.     Electronic Pollbook 


Electronic-Pollbook (e-Pollbook, EPB)

         EPB Training Videos




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