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Kollette R. Bordeaux 
Eaton County Prosecuting Attorney,
Economic Crimes Unit

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The Economic Crimes Unit office is a located in the Lansing Mall,
near the Mall offices behind the Food Court.

Phone (517) 703-0572 ~ Fax (517) 703-0661.


8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday.


Bad Check Program Forms
ECU Merchants' Complaint Form (21 kb)
ECU Notice Letter (8 kb)
Warning Sign for display by Merchants (13 kb)
Electronic Funds Transfer
Electronic Funds Transfer Letter (51 kb)
Eletronic Funds Transfer Complaint (57 kb)
Unreturned Rental Property Diversion Program Forms
Merchant's Complaint Form (send to ECU) (41 kb)
Merchant's Notice Letter (send to Customer) (15 kb)
ECU letter re: new Unreturned Rental Property Diversion program (151 kb)
Rental Warning Sign (44.49 kb)
Retail Fraud Program Forms
Cognitive Consultants: Informed Consent Form (30 kb)
Cognitive Consultants: Map to office (38 kb)


    Everyone knows that bad checks are bad news to merchants and honest customers alike. Merchants lose thousands of dollars a year, and customers pay higher prices passed on by merchants to offset their losses.
    In the past, merchants trying to get their money back from these criminals had two choices: (1) try to sue, which was cumbersome and expensive; or (2) report it to the police, which could take months and often resulted in little, if any, justice.
    The Economic Crimes Unit (ECU), which began in October 2002, gives merchants a 3rd choice. Merchants refer bad check cases to the ECU, which reviews the facts and decides if the bad check writer qualifies for a diversion program. Those who qualify must repay the merchant the amount of the bad check and bank fees, plus pay the Unit a separate diversion-programming fee. Some participants will be required to attend an economics crime course. Those who comply will not be formally charged for writing the bad check. It's a win-win situation: merchants get their money back and the bad check writers pay for their own investigation and prosecution.
    Formal criminal prosecution will remain an option for the ECU. However, it is reserved for repeat offenders, bad check writers with extensive criminal histories, or those bad check writers who fail to comply with the diversion program.
    The ECU is a business approach to business crimes. Participation in the Economic Crimes Unit will benefit all law-abiding citizens as well as help businesses improve their bottom line.



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