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New Limited Time Amnesty Program

New Limited Time Friend of the Court Amnesty Program

The Eaton County Friend of the Court is offering a one-time amnesty program for any child support payer with an outstanding child support bench warrant. Interested parties must check in at the Friend of the Court office on December 1, 2015, between the hours of 1 :00 PM to 3:00 PM


Bench warrants will be resolved on that day providing the payer makes a payment of $150 (cash only), and provides an updated address, and updated employment information.  Qualified participants will not be arrested at this event.


Attending this event does not eliminate the amount due on your child support case or modify your existing payment obligation with the Friend of the Court.


Friend of the Court Caseworkers will be available to discuss any questions you may have regarding your child support account, and to assist you with possible payment options or arrearage forgiveness programs offered by the State of Michigan. These programs potentially provide for the dismissal of significant portions of funds that may be due to the State of Michigan.


Friend of the Court case account information may be found at


Court Dockets (Pending)

Available starting 2/23/2015.

Bond Issue Saves Grand Ledge $650,000

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Obligacja1929Krakow10March 20 – Charlotte, Michigan – From Eaton County Treasurer, Bob Robinson.   An Eaton County backed bond issue for Grand Ledge water supply and sewage disposal financing saved the city approximately $656,000 over the next 11 years.  The 2014 refunding of previously issued 2005 general obligation bonds, unanimously approved by the Eaton County Board of Directors at its March 18 meeting, reduced the rate of interest on $5,000,000 of remaining debit from on old interest cost of 4.7 percent down to 1.89 percent for a present value savings of 12.51 percent of the remaining balance on the bonds.   

“This was an extremely competitive offering that attracted 13 bids from throughout the country,” said Eaton County Treasurer, Bob Robinson.  “We got the largest number of bids ever on an Eaton County bond issue.”

As treasurer, Robinson is responsible for the preparation and sale of bonds issued by the county. 

A general obligation bond (GOB) is a municipal bond that is secured by a local government’s pledge to repay bond holders who invest.  Backed by the full faith and credit and tax revenue of the municipalities involved, credit rating agencies often consider GOBs to have strong credit quality.

“While there are never guarantees on future economic conditions, “said Treasurer Robinson, “the success of this bond issue is almost certainly the result of Standard and Poor’s recent upgrade of the county’s rating from AA- to AA.

A strong rating means that county issued bonds could be more competitive, and attractive to a larger number of investors.  When resources are well maintained, credit ratings go up and the cost of borrowing goes down.

“Managing finances has not been an easy task in these difficult times,” said Robinson.  “The outcome on this refinancing is an indication of the solid economic potential we have here in Eaton County, and the excellent executive leadership and fiscal skill of Eaton County Controller John Fuentes and his staff.”

As controller, Fuentes is the chief fiscal executive and administrator for the county.

For more information, contact Eaton County Treasurer, Bob Robinson, at (517) 543-4262 or email at

Instructions for completing account of fiduciary

Instructions for completing account of fiduciary

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