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Circuit Court Clerk’s Office

1045 Independence Blvd.

Charlotte, MI 48813

517-543-7500 ext 4335



The Circuit Court Clerk’s Office is the steward of the Circuit Court Records. If you are filing documents on your own or looking at public court files, it is assumed that you know the law as to when to file documents, what documents to file, how to file the documents, and how to interpret the law. If you are representing yourself, you are acting as your own attorney.

The Clerks of the Circuit Court are not attorneys and therefore are prohibited from giving out any legal advice (this includes what forms you need to fill out and file or when you need to file documents) and cannot interpret the law.


  • Original documents are filed with the Circuit Court Clerk’s office. It is up to you to ensure you have enough copies of the original document when you file. If you do not have the proper amount of copies, the Circuit Court Clerk’s office can make copies for you at $1.00 per page/per copy (e.g., if you have three pages and need two copies, you will owe the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office $6.00).
  • The Circuit Court Clerks may answer only questions you may have relative to basic Circuit Court Clerk’s Office information such as hours open, filings fees, or requests for copies.
  • If no fee or an incorrect fee is provided the filing will not be processed and will be returned.
  • The Circuit Court Clerk’s Office does not provide any forms. The following resources are available to you for reference to Court Rules, State Law, finding an attorney and SCAO forms.

      State of Michigan

     Michigan Legal Help

  • You may also purchase a book regarding the divorce process and forms at any major bookstore.