Military Discharge (DD214)




Military Discharge DD214

After discharge from the military, veterans can place their military discharge (Form DD-214) on file with the County Clerk’s office, in the county in which they reside.

To have your record on file you must bring in your original DD-214, which we will copy and return to you. Veterans can receive certified copies of their DD-214 (if it is on file) free of charge, please bring a government-issued photo ID to verify your identity. 
If you move to another county it is recommended you place your discharge on file with that county.

Please Note:Military Discharges are not public records and can only be obtained by the individual named on the record (identity confirmed by government-issued photo ID), a family member with a certified death certificate of the individual named on the record, or the funeral home filing that death certificate. You may order the record in person or through the mail.  For mail requests please provide the full name and year of filing (or approximate year) as well as a copy of your government issued ID and sign the request.


The National Archives website is: At this site you can request copies of your original DD-214. Their phone number is: 517-373-3130 or 517-335-1623.


The Veterans Services office in Eaton County is located on the first floor of the Eaton County Courthouse, Community Development Department, 1045 Independence Blvd., Charlotte MI 48813.


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