Form and Documents

Data Request Form

Requests for map, and licensed digital map products can be made in writing, email, fax or phone. All orders must be paid in advance. Payments are accepted in the form of cash or check made payable to Eaton County Information Systems. Credit card payments are not accepted at this time.

License Agreement

The county has produced licensed data sets of origional digial data. Any private agency or individual wishing to license digital data from the county must sign and return this document with a completed data request form. The data licensed for use, not sold.

Intergovernmental Data Sharing Agreement for Eaton County Digital Data Sets

This is a reciprocal exchange of data agreement and is only applicable between Eaton County and local units of government in the county who also have digital data sets desired by the county

Enhanced Access to Public Records Policy

The county may provide enhanced assess for the inspection, copying, or purchasing of a public record that is not confidental or otherwise exempt.

Enhanced Access to Public Records Policy Act

An act to aurhorize public bodies to provide enhanced access to certain public records and to impose certain fees for providing that enhanced access; to regulate enhanced access to certain public records; and to authorize public bodies to establish and impose fees to the use of geographical information systems.

Printing Fees

Prices noted in the above printing fee schedule are for maps which are generally avalable or otherwise complied for printing.

Information About Property Codes

The county has a defined process in which property codes are to be written and assigned. This document will demonstrate what each set of numbers in the property code represents.

Information About Land Descriptions

A "Land Description" is how a tract of land is delineated, such that the description show exactly where it is located, how it is bounded, and how many acres it contains. This description is done in terms that are legally accepted and defined.


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