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Sheriff Tom Reich

Sheriff Tom Reich
1025 Independence Blvd
Charlotte, Michigan 48813

517-543-3512 or 517-372-8217


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Evidence Technician

The Evidence Technician Team at the Eaton County Sheriff's Office is made up of 13 members. These officers are road patrol deputies who have received specialized training in locating and collecting evidence at crime scenes.

These specially trained investigators will process a crime scene by systematically looking for and collecting evidence. This includes, but is not limited to; photographs, trace evidence and latent prints.

With the evidence collected and knowledge gained, these officers will then attempt to formulate a probable "M.O." (Modus Operandi). This procedure may explain how the crime happened and a possible profile of the person(s) who may have committed the crime. A report is then completed and sent on to the Detective Bureau for follow-up.

These officers, while on patrol, will process a crime scene. If requested, they will also assist other law enforcement officers in the area. These officers, if sent on a call which requires an evidence technician, will process the respective crime scene. If necessary, other evidence technicians may be dispatched to the scene for assistance.

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