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Sheriff Tom Reich

Sheriff Tom Reich
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Charlotte, Michigan 48813

517-543-3512 or 517-372-8217

Emergency Services Action Plan

Consider the following:

Do you have a fire evacuation plan for the home? Work?

Do the children know how to telephone for help? Ambulance? Fire? Sheriff Department? 911?

Are emergency phone numbers posted near the phone?

Is there a relative out of the area (in case local phone lines are down) that may act as a "check in" contact in case family members are separated?

Have you picked two (2) meeting places in the event your family becomes separated?
1) Near the home in case of fire
2) Outside the neighborhood in case you must leave home and can not return to the area.

Do all family members know how to use television and radio stations to obtain emergency broadcast information?

Do you know how to perform basic first aid? CPR?

Are your personal records kept in a fire/waterproof container?

Do you know how to turn off the gas, electricity and water to your home in the event of a disaster?

Does any family member have special needs or need extra assistance during a disaster?

What is the emergency action plan for your work place?

Where is the safest place in your home/work for each type of disaster?

* Note: This list is not to be considered all inclusive. These are suggestions to aid you in planning for an emergency.

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