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Eaton County Parks

Fitzgerald Park
133 Fitzgerald Park Dr., Grand Ledge

Fox Memorial Park
3981 E. Gresham Hwy., Potterville

Lincoln Brick Park
13991 Tallman Rd., Grand Ledge

Butler Park
151 Madison St., Bellevue

Dyer Kiln Historic Site
8610 Sand Rd., Bellevue

Keehne Environmental Area
245 S. Williams St., Bellevue

Duane Tirrell Memorial Park
2321 Battle Creek Rd., Charlotte

Paul Henry Thornapple Trail
Mason Rd. Trail Head, Vermontville

Delta Township Parks

Anderson Park
Lansing Road at Wardell Rd.

Delta Mills Park
7001 Old River Trail - north on Canal off Saginaw, 1/2 mile east on Old River Trail

Erickson Park
Canal Road - 3 1/2 miles south of Saginaw Hwy. on Canal Road

Grand Woods Park
4500 Willow Hwy. - on Willow Hwy. 1/2 mile east of Elmwood Road

Hawk Meadow Park
6160 Delta River Drive - 1/2 mile east of Ingersol Road

Hunter's Orchard Park
Old River Trail west of Delta Mills Park

Lake Delta
3 1/2 miles south of Saginaw Hwy. on Canal Road

Leland Park
1/2 mile west of Waverly Road on St. Joseph Hwy.

Lootens Park
Willow Hwy., east of Nixon Road

Mt. Hope Property
North side of Mt. Hope east of Nixon Road

The Player's Club
This former golf course is now the property of Delta Township. A path has been mowed for individuals to walk on.

Sharp Park
1401 Elmwood - 1/2 north on Elmwood Road off Saginaw Hwy.

City of Charlotte Parks

Bennett Park
Located on the south end of town, off Cochran Ave., adjacent to the fairgrounds. Within Bennett Park there are: Veteran's Memorial Park, Camp Frances, and the historic Courthouse site.

Dean Park
Located on Stoddard Street, west of the tracks

Southridge Park
Located along Clinton Street adjacent to Southridge School

Oak Park
Located at Seminary and Clinton Street

Lincoln Park
Located at Lincoln and Shepherd Street

City of Eaton Rapids Parks

Biggs Park
Located in the 900 block of Montgomery St.

Hall Street Park
Located on Mill Race between Spicer and King Streets

Howe Memorial Field
Located south of Brook Street and Springbrook

Grand Army of the Republic Island Park
Located downtown in the Grand River

J.B. Bradley Park
Located at north city limits on Canal Street

McArthur River Park
Located on the Grand River between Forest and South River Streets

Memorial Park
Located on Main Street between Spicer and State Streets

Scott Munn River Walk
Located along Springbrook in downtown business district

City of Grand Ledge Parks

Island Park
Located off of West River, in the Grand River

Jaycee Park
Located on East River at Franklin

Oak Park
Located at the end of Front Street

River Path
Runs along the Grand River from Jaycee Park past Island Park to Fitzgerald Park

City of Olivet Parks

Olivet Ballfield
Located on East Street

Olivet Memorial Park
Located on Main Street, east of downtown

City of Potterville Parks

City Park
Just west of M-100

Lake Alliance
Located on Old Lansing Rd., west of town

Village of Bellevue Parks

Washington Park
Located downtown

Jefferson Park
Located one block east of North Main Street

Village of Dimondale Parks

Lions Park
300 West Jefferson Street

Village of Mulliken Parks

Mulliken Village Commons

Village of Vermontville Parks

Vermontville Village Park

Located downtown

East First Street Park

Third Street
Located at the Water Tower

Other Recreational Sites

Woldmar Nature Center
Located at 5739 old Lansing Road

Bernard W. Baker Sanctuary
21145 15 Mile Road, Bellevue

Jordon Lake
Located in Lake Odessa

Saubee Lake
Located at the end of west St. Joseph Hwy


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