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The Eaton County Parks and Recreation Commission is organized and authorized by the Eaton County Board of Commissioners pursuantto Act 261 of the Public Acts of 1965. The Commission through its Director of Parks and Recreation administers the on going parks and recreation program.

The first Parks Commission was assembled in 1970, with members being appointed by the Eaton County Board of Commissioners (then called Board of District Supervisors).  Since then the Parks Commission has continued to be proactive in helping provide leisure-time recreational activities for all Eaton County citizens.

The purpose of the Parks Commission is to continually identify current recreational uses, secure available lands for recreation, and the protection of open space and natural space for optimal recreational opportunities for all Eaton County citizens.

Agendas and Minutes

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Chairman - Dr. Robert McConnell

Vice Chairman - Kathy Webber

Secretary - Jane Whitacre


Eric Deibel, Drain Commission 

Brian Droscha, County Commission

Duane Eldred, Road Commission

Dr. Robert McConnell - Citizen at Large

Rob Piercefiled, County Commission

Kevin Thom, Citizen at Large

Kathy Webber - Citizen at Large

Steven Weigel, Citizen at Large

Jane Whitacre, County Commission


Alvin Whitfield-Emeriti Status

2017 Throughout the Community




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