Community Policing

Welcome to the Community Policing Section of the Eaton County Sheriff 's Office. 

Community Policing is a philosophy which embodies numerous programs enabling it to benefit the community and law enforcement. It consists of two major components which work in conjunction with each other; developing and nurturing community partnerships and problem solving techniques. The goal of Community Policing is to reduce crime and disorder by carefully examining the characteristic problems within communities, then applying appropriate problem solving techniques to reduce and/or eliminate these problems. crime-prevention is our aim, in lieu of "after the fact" responses to crime.

The law-abiding, the young, the old and the innocent deserve and must be given the highest level of professional service we can provide. Our mission is to do just that. At the same time, criminals must fear that their guilty acts will be discovered and prosecuted. As a result, the criminals will become an object of our relentless attention.

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