Delta Uniform Patrol

Doug Burkhardt June 2013 for web                    Detective Troy Gardner July 2013 for web             Sgt. Tietsort  stripes web

Sergeant Doug Burkhardt retired                   Detective Troy Gardner promoted                           Sergeant Casey Tietsort promoted            

         in June, 2013                                                           July 2013                                                 August 2013




The Eaton County Sheriff's Office is contracted by Delta Township to provide police service to the community. The sheriff's office has had the contract since 1972.

Delta township is approximately 36 square miles and is on the west border of the city of Lansing/Lansing Township. The population of Delta township is approximately 26,129; however the daytime working and area visitor population increases that by approximately 25,000.

Delta township has the third highest S.E.V. in Mid-Michigan and the largest industrial tract in Mid-Michigan. There are also 648 Acres of Parks in Delta Township. Eaton County is one of Michigan's fastest growing counties in the state.

The make up of the sheriff's office in Delta Township is as follows:

  • 1 Lieutenant
  • 5 Sergeants
  • 3 Detectives
  • 30 Deputies
  • 1 Tri-County Metro Narcotics Officer
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