Agricultural Film Plastic Recycling

Program Summary

Eaton County's Department of Resource Recovery has partnered with the Michigan Recycling Coalition and the Michigan Farm Bureau to develop a program for recycling agricultural film plastic. In order to adapt the process and make it financially sustainable, this program is a pilot project that is subject to change at any time. The Sunfield Recycling Center was chosen as a collection point for this program because of its existing space/material processing equipment, rural & regional opportune location, and its existing site goals. At a calculated cost (explained further below), these materials (agricultural film plastic) will be accepted, by appointment only, in addition to the materials already accepted at the site (there is no cost for recycling accepted materials other than agricultural film plastic material at this time).

General Step-by-Step Process 

STEP 1 (REQUIRED): Read and understand the material requirements and preparation instructions. Find specific information about this on our "Accepted Materials and Material Preparation" page. 

STEP 2 (REQUIRED): Fill out an appointment inquiry form to complete the first half of the required registration process. Follow the provided link to the Sunfield Agricultural Film Plastic Collection Initial Registration Form on our "Schedule an Appointment" page.  

STEP 3 (REQUIRED): Wait for a department staff member to contact you to finalize your registration and assign a specific appointment date/time. This can take between 1-2 business days. 

STEP 4 (REQUIRED): Recycle your materials on site during your scheduled appointment time. Note and record the weight of your material, calculated by department staff, for your personal records. Review and sign the material record form. 

STEP 5 (REQUIRED): Await and receive an invoice based on the weight of your material. Ensure your timely payment of the invoice (specific instructions are provided on individual invoices) to avoid collection, continue/allow for your future utilization of the program, and support/ensure the continuance of the Sunfield Agricultural Plastic Film Recycling Pilot Program. Program invoices are payable by CHECK ONLY

STEP 6 (OPTIONAL): We hope to see you again! Bring additional film plastic to the site for recycling by starting this process over again.