RAVE Facility

What is RAVE Facility? 

RAVE Facility is a free service for Eaton County businesses and organizations to help improve employee and visitor safety while ensuring first responders have essential information when responding to an emergency. 

How does it work? 

  • Create a free and secure Facility Profile for your business or organization at www.ravefacility.com, adding key details about campuses, buildings, landlines, floor plans, contacts, and more. 
  • In an emergency, 9-1-1 can view and utilize information in the Facility Profile to coordinate a faster, more effective response. 
  • First responders will then have essential information to act quickly and improve situational awareness.

How will my facility benefit from RAVE Facility? 

  • Fire: Your facility profile will save time by providing firefighters with building layouts and utility information. 
  • Medical Emergency: Gate codes and access points will be available, allowing EMS access to help treat the victim faster. 
  • Active Threat: Law Enforcement can use building details, property layouts, and key contacts to coordinate their response. 

To signup, visit www.ravefacility.com

Check out the short video below: Overview of RAVE Facility and How to Get Started