56-A District Hybrid Court

Presiding Judge
Honorable Julie A. O'Neill

In 1996, Eaton County began a coordinated effort as a means to effectively treat and manage an increasing adult misdemeanor population presenting with substance use disorders. The title of this program was changed to the Eaton County District Recovery Court in 2023. Traditional adjudication process for a misdemeanor takes five to six months to conclude and for treatment to be initiated.  This practice was lengthy, costly, and presented risk to the public. The Eaton County District Hybrid Court adjudication (date of offense to sentencing date) process covering referral, admission, supervision while on bond status, and sentencing is reduced to approximately nine weeks.  The adjudication process is expedited for the District Hybrid Court referrals with a primary objective to enroll participants in appropriate treatment as soon as possible.   Previously, in the absence of an Eaton County District Hybrid Court program, these offenders were incarcerated in jail and later released with minimal assistance, direction, and/or support in resolving their substance use disorders.

The 56-A District Hybrid Court uses the drug court principles to promote sobriety, recovery, and stability through a coordinated response that involves collaboration with the traditional partners found in drug courts and community based treatment providers.

The Mission of the 56-A District Hybrid Court is to promote public safety, reduce substance abuse and reduce recidivism among non-violent adult misdemeanor offenders. This is done through using a non-adversarial approach to provide early detection and screening of offenders for substance abuse, and placement into treatment.

With funding provided through the State Court Administrators Office, we are able to provide services to this specific population.