56th Circuit Court

Eaton County Circuit Court Amnesty Program

The program will run March 1, 2024 through May 31, 2024.

A complete description of the 56th Circuit Court Amnesty Program can be found by CLICKING HERE.



The Circuit Court is a trial court of general jurisdiction established by the Michigan Constitution of 1908. At one time the Circuit consisted of Eaton, Barry and Calhoun Counties and later Barry and Eaton Counties. Courthouse

In 1991, the Circuit Court was split ,and Eaton County became a separate circuit, the 56th Circuit Court.

Judges & Jurisdiction

The Circuit Court has two judges. Honorable Janice K. Cunningham and Honorable John D. Maurer are the present Circuit Court Judges. The Court has original jurisdiction over: 

  • All cases involving equitable remedies
  • All civil cases over $25,000
  • All criminal felonies and high court misdemeanors
  • All domestic relations cases
  • Appellate review of District and some state administrative agencies
  • All juvenile matters previously with the Probate Court

Family Division

In 1998 the Eaton County Family Division of the Circuit Court was created. The Family Division now has jurisdiction over all domestic cases and juvenile matters under the concept of One Judge-One Family.

Probate Judge Thomas Byerley is assigned to the Family Division and with the two circuit judges, hears all cases involving families.