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Eaton County Trial Courts Amnesty Program

The Eaton County Trial Courts announce an Amnesty Program for the 56th Circuit Court, 56A District Court, Friend of the Court, and Juvenile Court.  Individuals delinquent on payments to the court are offered the opportunity to settle court financial obligations which may include waivers of fees, credits and warrant cancellations.  

 This program will run March 1, 2024 through May 31, 2024.

Complete descriptions of each program can be found by clicking the court below:


56th Circuit Court Amnesty Program 

56A District Court Amnesty Program 

Friend of the Court Amnesty Program

Eaton County Juvenile Court Amnesty Program

Filing and Paying Fees Electronically:

  • To submit pleadings electronically (no documents to start a new case or document(s) that total over 100 pages), please e-mail them to
  • To make a payment online for any filings or copy requests, please follow the instructions below:
    • Click on “Purchase Record Copies & Pay Filing Fees” on the left hand side of the screen
    • If you making a payment for a filing fee please advise the amount and the title of the document you are filing
    • Regular copy - $2.00 per page
    • Certified copy - $10.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page
    • If you are purchasing a regular copy, we will email the requested  information to you
    • If you are purchasing a certified copy, we have to mail that out to you


Please note our entire packets for Domestic and Non-Domestic PPO’s can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link below.

If you would like to talk to a Court Advocate, their phone number is 517-873-1100.

If you are unsure about the documents and/or you have any questions, please call the Circuit Court Clerk’s office at 517-543-4335.

Scheduled Hearings:

Questions regarding scheduling hearings in front of your assigned Judge, please call the appropriate Judicial Assistant:

  • Judge Byerley – Shonda– 517-543-4175
  • Judge Cunningham – Kris – 517-543-4307
  • Judge Maurer – Angie – 517-543-4325

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Welcome to the Eaton County Circuit Court Clerk's Office. It is a pleasure to serve as Eaton County Circuit Court Clerk, County Clerk and Register of Deeds. I hope you find this site to be easily accessible and informative. We strive to provide all our customers with accurate, efficient service and a pleasant experience.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Diana Bosworth has been serving as the County Clerk and Register of Deeds since January 2013 and serving Eaton County since March 1989.