Personal Protection Order

Secure Area Family Environment (SAFE) Place

A Secure Area Family Environment (SAFE) Place Advocate is available to assist with this process on designated days. View the following for more information:

About Personal Protection Orders (PPO)

There are three types of Personal Protection Orders (PPO) and the packets for the Domestic and Non-Domestic packets are under "Documents" on the homepage for Circuit Court Clerk:

  • Domestic Personal Protection Order:
    • Current/former dating relationship
    • Current/former spouse
    • Current/former resident of the same household
    • Have a child in common
  • Non-Domestic (Stalking) Personal Protection Order:
    • No domestic relationship
    • Never resided together
    • Must involve two or more “separate and non-continuous” acts
  • Juvenile Personal Protection Order: 
    • The respondent is under the age of 18

What a Personal Protection Order Cannot Do

  • Establish or modify custody or parenting time
  • Evict someone in a landlord/tenant relationship
  • Mediate neighborhood disputes
  • Protect your personal property from damage
  • Remove someone from a public place (e.g., local store or restaurant)
  • Restrain a person from being rude or spreading rumors

Cost to Obtain a Personal Protection Order

  • No fee to file for a personal protection order
  • Service fees may apply if you hire a Process Server