Jury Duty

General Information

Upon receiving a jury summons in the mail, please read through the summons completely.  A jury questionnaire must be completed online through the juror access website within 10 days.     

Juror Access Website and Juror Questionnaire  

  • Jury duty in Eaton County is for a two week term.  
  • After completing the online questionnaire, jurors will be on call for the 2 week term of service as indicated on the summons.  Jurors must check their reporting status after 5:00pm each day of their service term.  Jurors will need their candidate ID# and zip code when calling in.   

Requests to be Deferred/Postponed, Excused, or Disqualified

All requests should be made online through the juror access website.  If you are unable to respond online, you can submit your request by emailing the jury clerk at juryclerk@eatoncounty.org or calling 517-543-4318, leaving your name, candidate ID# and a phone number.  

Requests to be deferred/rescheduled, excused, or disqualified, must be made at least 10 days prior to your term of service.  All required documentation must be sent to the jury clerk prior to your service term. 


Often times a jury summons will conflict with Vacations, Work Trips, Doctor's Appointments, or Surgery/Recovery.  If you are unable to serve during the time noted on your summons, you may postpone your service term once, to an alternate two-week term of service that is more convenient.  YOU MUST COMPLETE THE ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE TO DEFER and SELECT ANOTHER SERVICE TERM.  Upon deferral, you will receive a new mailed summons prior to your new term.  


The following excusals require documentation.  Documentation can be submitted to the juryclerk@eatoncounty.org  

  • Age 70 or Older: a temporary excusal or permanent disqualification is available by completing the questionnaire or by contacting the jury clerk.  
  • Caregiver for a Family Member: the court requires a written request detailing your responsibilities and reason for the excusal.  Requests can be emailed to juryclerk@eatoncounty.org, regular mail or through the the juror access website upon submitting the questionnaire. Upon review by the Chief Judge, you will be contacted regarding the approved or denied excusal and any additional information needed.  
  • Full Time Students:  If you are a full time student and seeking an excusal from jury service, the court required a copy of your class schedule from your school's website showing you are enrolled.  Please ensure your name is contained within the schedule and the schedule is for the term in which you have been summoned.  
  • Temporary Medical Condition: If you have a temporary medical condition that prevents you from serving, the court requires a letter from your medical professional.  
  • Served as a Juror in the Last 12 months:  If you were paid for jury service within the last 12 months, the court requires verification for excusal. 


The following disqualifications require documentation. Documentation can be submitted to juryclerk@eatoncounty.org 

  • Age 70 or Older:  A temporary or permanent disqualification is available by completing the online questionnaire or by contacting the jury clerk. 
  • Disability:  The court requires a letter from your medical professional indicating you are unable to serve. 
  • Not a Resident of Eaton County:  The court requires proof of residency such as a copy of an updated driver's license/state ID, utility bill, bank statement, lease/mortgage document. 
  • Non English Speaking or Not a US Citizen: the court requires notification to the jury clerk.  


Jury Clerk Email:  juryclerk@eatoncounty.org 

Jury Fax: 517-543-0197

Jury Clerk Mailing Address:   1045 Independence Blvd. Charlotte, MI  48813

Jury Clerk Phone:  517-543-4318