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Eaton County Veterans Financial Assistance and Emergency Programs

Eaton County has received grant funding from the Michigan Veteran Affairs Agency (MVAA) to assist qualified veterans residing in Eaton County through the following programs.

Financial Assistance Programs

Dental Care:  In partnership with the MyCommunity Dental Center in Charlotte, MI, financial assistance is available for dental services and/or procedures completed at their location. (Those receiving dental services through the VA, are not eligible for this program.)

VA Co-Pays:  Veterans receiving services at the VA Medical Center in Ann Arbor or Battle Creek and have co-pays for general and/or specialty doctor appointments, counseling appointments, hospital stays and prescription medications are eligible to submit their co-pay invoice/statement to the Eaton County Veteran Services Office for payment.  Payments must be paid directly to the VA Medical Center.

Counseling:  Financial assistance is available to veterans receiving mental and/or substance abuse counseling services with a provider pre-approved by Eaton County Veteran Services. (Commercial insurance, if any, must be used first.)

Eligibility requirements: -reside in Eaton County, -180 days or more of active duty service, -discharge other than dishonorable, -complete and submit the Assistance Program Application along with identification and DD-214, NGB-22 or other documentation.  Financial Assistance Programs are for veteran use only, family members and/or dependents are not eligible.

Emergent Need Grocery Store Voucher Program

Additionally, Eaton County is able to provide Meijer store grocery vouchers to qualifying veterans with an emergent food need.  The emergent need must be related to a specific, unforeseen circumstance and not be general or reoccurring.  The emergent relief must be a necessity of daily life and not for relief of an inconvenience or purchase of a want or desire.  Vouchers may be used to purchase food, paper products, laundry and household cleaning products, health and beauty care items, and pet food. Vouchers can only be redeemed at Meijer stores and can only be used once.  All vouchers expire on September 30, 2023.  

Eligibility requirements: -reside in Eaton County, -180 days or more of active duty service, -discharge other than dishonorable, -complete and submit the Emergency Assistance Application along with identification and DD-214, NGB-22 or other documentation. Additionally, the applicant must provide a statement explaining the situation/circumstance that has caused the need.


Applications can be downloaded from the links below and returned by e-mail, mail, or in person (with all attachments) to Barb Campbell, Eaton County Veteran Services Administrative Assistant, 1045 Independence Blvd, Charlotte MI 48813  


Please call or e-mail Barb Campbell, Tuesday thru Thursday, with any questions (517) 543-3599.  

About the Veterans Services Program

Veterans of the U.S. Armed forces are entitled to certain benefits that reflects the pride and gratitude our country has for its veterans. The Eaton County Veterans Services Office is an advocate for the veterans and their dependents who reside in Eaton County. We can provide assistance to veterans and their dependents regarding:

  • Compensation
  • Death benefits
  • Education
  • Insurance
  • Medical
  • Pension

We also assist veterans and their dependents in obtaining important documentation needed to apply for benefits.

Important Things a Veteran Should Know

There are several documents and other information a veteran and his/her spouse should obtain and keep in a safe place because the documents will be needed when applying for any benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs or the Social Security Administration, including the following:

  • Birth certificates or adoption decrees of children
  • Copy of your marriage license as issued by the County Clerk’s Office
  • Divorce decree for prior marriage for self or current spouse, if a divorce decree is not available, the name of the previous spouse, date of divorce and place where the divorce was granted are needed
  • Non-Service Connected (NSC) – Pension benefit, must have 90 days of active duty with one day of war time period
  • Original discharge or D.D.-214, if you have the original, it is recommended you file it on record at the Eaton County Clerk’s Office
  • Social Security numbers for the veteran and current spouse