Often times jurors are exposed to graphic evidence or testimony that can affect them in many adverse ways.  To avoid this possibility, juror may need a chance to "debrief" and deal with this trauma.  Research shows that individuals who received assistance from a trained professional recover faster and better.  

Eaton County offers a Juror Assistance Program through ENCOMPASS.  This program helps those impacted by a difficult jury trial to work through the events so they can deal with the facts, begin to process their feelings and learn what normal reactions they can expect to experience.  

The Juror Assistance Program includes:

  • Up to five (5) counseling sessions
  • A comprehensive Work/Life website with many useful tools

Contact ENCOMPASS today!

Call: (800) 788-8630 or (616) 459-9180

Visit Online at:  www.encompass.us.com

When utilizing this service you must state that you are a juror with Eaton County.  

Program participation if FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.