Drain Office

NOTICE:  The Eaton County Drain Commissioner cannot close any county roadway.  Only the Eaton County Road Commission has the authority to close a road or give authorization for a road to be closed.  

Clafliin Drain

Drain Commissioner

The Drain Commissioner is an elected official responsible for constructing and maintaining public storm drains throughout Eaton County, Statutory authority for the office is derived from Public Act 40 of 1956, as amended, commonly referred to as the Michigan Drain Code. On behalf of over 800 drainage districts (including two lake levels), the drain commissioner may acquire temporary and permanent easements, own and sell lands, execute contracts and levy assessments to cover the expense of building and maintaining an adequate stormwater infrastructure.

Not all storm drains are managed by the Drain Commissioner. Cities and villages often own their own systems although most ultimately discharge to a county or intercounty drain. The Eaton County Road Commission and Michigan Department of Transportation also maintain systems of drains. The Drain Commissioner works cooperatively with these agencies to assure widespread protection against damage caused by flooding.


The focus of the Eaton County Drain Commissioner’s Office is threefold:

  • To provide adequate drainage and assure protection of downstream properties and existing storm drains
  • To implement and manage regional flood control measures on public drains
  • To protect surface waters of the county and state against degradation

County Enforcing Agent

An active drain maintenance program, thorough review of private development proposals, and pretreatment requirements for stormwater runoff from construction sites all play important roles in achieving this goal. The Drain Commissioner also serves as the County Enforcing Agent, administering the Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Ordinance (PDF) and program on behalf of the Board of Commissioners.

Michigan Association of County Drain Commissioners

For more information visit the Michigan Association of County Drain Commissioners website. This is a great resource for information regarding the Drain Commissioners in Michigan.