Juvenile Justice Millage Information

Participant Testimonials

  • Toddler Time has been great for our little girl. I was so concerned because she was very shy. Toddler Time helped her to make friends and play with other children. It helped me know ways to get her ready for school. Thanks! - From Toddler Time Parent
  • A Waverly Middle School student says - TIP helped me a lot because now I want to go to school and learn.
  • Being able to talk to my mom and experience that kids other than me have these problems. - Charlotte Millde School student
  • Another parent responded that the best part of participating in TIP was the information on how to support my child.
  • They are there to help kids get back on the right tracks in life. - anonymous parent.
  • How the program tries to teach personal accountability. - anonymous parent.
  • I liked that I met new people and got away from some of my old friends. - anonymous student.

About the Program

Tough times can take challenged families who may have parenting or budget issues into a crisis. To me, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of resources for early care and education. In Eaton County, we have Early Childhood Connections and The Great Start Collaborative. These programs are for all youngsters. Young parents have access to Toddler Times, Welcome Baby Bags, Fun to Be Four sessions, Literacy events, and parent trainings. This collaborative in Eaton County ties parents and organizations into a system that focuses on literacy of the child and care of the family. If you have used these services, that is wonderful. If you have not, it is never too late for your child to have a Great Start. – Excerpt from article by Bill DeFrance, Superintendent of Eaton Rapids Public Schools