County Ordinances

Address Ordinance (PDF)
October 17, 1990
7/15/1992 3/16/1994 12/20/1995 9/20/1998 3/21/2007
The purpose of this Ordinance is to establish a county system of assigning addresses to buildings to facilitate the locating of buildings in order to protect the public health and safety by enabling a quicker response time by police, fire, ambulance, and other emergency services; and to provide for more efficient delivery of county services such as building inspections, soil evaluations, health inspection, property tax administration, property mapping, and other county affairs; and to provide for efficient parcel delivery, and U.S. Mail delivery in Eaton County.
Animal Control Ordinance (PDF)
January 17, 1977
5/21/2003 10/21/09 
1/18/2012 2/20/2020
An ordinance providing for general animal control within Eaton County, prescribing the licensing and regulation of animals and kennels, setting standards and conditions for animal care, prohibiting animal cruelty, establishing powers and duties of Animal Control Officers, prescribing the County Treasurer’s duties with regard to animal control, providing for the impoundment, adoption, redemption and humane destruction of animals, providing special controls for keeping vicious and exotic animals, authorizing an annual dog census to be taken, establishing penalties for violations, declaring certain offenses as municipal civil infractions, establishing a Municipal Civil Infractions Violations Bureau and repealing other inconsistent ordinances.
Construction Code Ordinance (PDF)
June 15, 2022
An ordinance to designate violations of the state construction code, international property maintenance code and the model manufactured home installation standards to be municipal civil infractions; to designate authorized local officials responsible to enforce violations of the state construction code, international property maintenance code and the model manufactured home installation standards to adopt a schedule of fines; to place the municipal civil infractions violations bureau at the department of construction codes; to establish a construction code board of appeals; to adopt a savings clause; and to provide an effective date.
Historical Commission Ordinance and By Laws (PDF)
March 16, 1977

3/16/1988 12/15/1993 10/21/2015 10/19/2022

An Ordinance to create a Historical Commission, provide for its appointment and prescribe its functions pursuant to Act 213 of the Public Acts of 1959, MCL 399.171, et seq. as amended.
Municipal Civil Infraction Ordinance (PDF)December 20, 1995
An Ordinance to provide for a municipal civil infraction and a Municipal Ordinance Violations Bureau; to provide for sanctions for violations of municipal civil infractions; to adopt a savings clause; and to provide an effective date.
Off Road Vehicles (ORV Ordinance (PDF)February 16, 2022N/AAn ordinance authorizing and regulating the operation of Off Road Vehicles (ORVs) on roads in Eaton County, providing penalties for the violation thereof, and for the distribution of public funds resulting from those penalties pursuant to 2008 PA 240, as amended, which is incorporated by reference in its entirety. 
Parks Ordinance
October 14, 1980
March 17, 2010
An Ordinance to provide for the use, protection, regulation, and control of the public parks and park facilities in the County of Eaton, and for other matters concerning recreation, conservation, education, historic and scenic areas, preserves and parkways, and to provide for adoption of rules and regulations and other matters related to the use of and conduct on park property. For more information, see the Park's Department page.
Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Ordinance (PDF)
February 16, 2005
An Ordinance to provide for the administration of a soil erosion and sedimentation control program for those areas within Eaton County except for those of the county where a Part 91 Municipal Enforcement Agency program or Authorized Public Agency program is in effect, in order to encourage and regulate the proper use and protection of natural resources, to provide for administration and enforcement, to establish civil penalties for violations, and to provide for reimbursement of costs incurred by the County Enforcing Agency pursuant to this Ordinance and to Part 91, Act 451 of 1994, as amended. This Ordinance shall take effect 30 days following its acceptance by the Eaton County Board of Commissioners and shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation in Eaton County. This ordinance is also subject to MDEQ approval. For more information, see the Drain Commissioner's page.
Solid Waste Ordinance (PDF)
October 20, 1999
1/3/1994 10/19/1994 1/18/1995
An Ordinance to implement the Eaton County Solid Waste Management Plan, as amended, adopted pursuant to 1978 Public Act 641; to exclude municipalities; to designate administration of the Ordinance; to define certain terms; to adopt licensing requirements for hauling solid waste; to adopt licensing fees and conditions for hauler licenses; to adopt a county recycling surcharge; to promulgate rules and regulations; to adopt penalties and remedies; to adopt a severability clause; to adopt an effective date. For more information, see the Resource Recovery Department's page.
Zoning Ordinance
May 20, 1995
An ordinance to provide for the establishment of Land Development Regulations and Districts for those areas of Eaton County, Michigan, lying outside the limits of incorporated cities and villages, and outside of townships having their own ordinances adopted or amended pursuant to Public Act 110 of 2006, in order to encourage and regulate the proper use of land and natural resources, to provide for the administration, enforcement, and penalties for violation, to provide for the establishment of a Board of Appeals and to provide duties for the County Planning Commission pursuant to Act 282 of the Public Acts of 1945, as amended Public Act 110 of 2006, as amended. For more information, see the Community Development Department's page.

Rescinded Ordinances by Action of the Board of Commissioners (October 18, 2006)

  • Massage Parlors Ordinance
  • Noise Control Ordinance
  • Open House Parties Ordinance
  • Outdoor Gathering Ordinance