Ordinary Medical Expense

Some court orders contain a provision entitled Ordinary Medical Expense  (OME). The OME will be listed in your order, it may be $357 for one child each year, or as greater amount depending on when the order was entered. Court orders have a specific monthly amount to be paid for OME

Ordinary medical expenses include co-payments and deductibles, and most uninsured medical-related costs for children, but do not normally include remedial care costs such as:

  • Cough syrup
  • First-aid supplies
  • Vitamins
  • Other routine over-the-counter items

How OME Affects Medical Expense Reimbursement

The OME affects the medical expense reimbursement because the OME must be exceeded each year before any reimbursement amount is calculated. If the OME is not exceeded, no reimbursement of medical may be reimbursed. 

If proof of the OME is not provided to the Friend of the Court (FOC), the OME will be deducted from the submitted health care expenses to determine what expenses are to be reimbursed.

Calculating Payments

Expense TypeAmount
2013 Medical Expenses$1,000.00
Minus 2013 OME$357.00
Extraordinary Medical Expenses$643.00
Responding Party’s Percentage (50%)0.50
Amount the Responding Party Must Pay$321.50

Medical Treatment Over One Year

If medical treatment lasts more than one year, then the OME must be deducted for every year that treatment is being done. Orthodontics for example, may last 22 months. If the treatment starts April 1, 2013 and the orthodontic contract is for 22 months (until February of 2015) the OME must be deducted for 2013 and 2014. For example:

Expense TypeAmount
2013 Medical Expenses$5,000.00
Minus 2013 OME$357.00
Minus 2014 OME$357.00
Extraordinary Medical Expenses$4,286.00
Responding party’s percentage (50%)0.50
Amount the Responding Party Must Pay$2,143.00