Objections & Payments

Objection Hearing

If a written objection is filed within 21 days from the date of the notice, a hearing will be scheduled before the Referee. You must bring all health care bills, receipt of payment, verification of any insurance payments, and any other pertinent proofs.

The Referee will issue an order setting the amount of payment that must be made. Any frivolous objections may result in an order for costs.

Disbursement of Payment

The Friend of the Court (FOC) will not directly pay funds to the provider of health care services. Any monies collected by FOC for medical reimbursement will be sent to the payee. It is the payee’s responsibility to pay the provider.

Subsequent Payment

You must notify the FOC in writing if the other party pays you directly after the complaint is mailed.

More Information

Medical enforcement questions can be answered by Dori Bradford, Medical Enforcement Caseworker. Email Dori Bradford or call the office at 517-543-6850, ext. 1313