The Juvenile Court oversees the filing, in-home investigations, and finalization of all adoptions in Eaton County.  In some circumstances this division will also handle post adoption matters. The Juvenile Court staff will protect the confidentiality of parties throughout the court process as required under Michigan law. The Juvenile Court staff takes pride in helping parties resolve matters in a timely and professional manner. 

All paperwork should be filed in the Juvenile Court building.  If hearings are scheduled on an adoption case, these hearings are held in the Probate Court in the main courthouse. 

Types of Adoptions

Adoptions provide permanency and stability for the county’s children and some adults through relative, guardian, stepparent, adult, agency-filed, and direct placement adoptions. 

For more information on the most common types of adoptions, please see the tabs and informational packets in the listing below. 

  1. Relative and Guardian Adoptions
  2. Stepparent Adoptions
  3. Adult Adoptions

Family members may adopt their relatives through a relative adoption process. Guardians may also adopt their wards through a similar process. Parents may choose to consent to this adoption or hearings on parental rights may be required.

Complete information must be filed with the Court to begin this process.  

  1. Relative/Guardian Checklist
  2. Petition for Adoption
  3. Reference Letters
  4. Social History for Relative/Guardian
  5. Background Check for Relative/Guardian
  6. Motion for Early Confirmation of Adoption
  7. Contacts with Parents
  8. Adoption Report for New Birth Record
  9. Adoption Fact Cover Sheet
  10. Petitioner's Verified Accounting