Register of Deeds


In a cost saving move due to the COVID-19 crisis, many Eaton County departments are in the State’s Workshare program and are on furlough. The Eaton County Register of Deeds office will be closed on Fridays through October 2, 2020.

Register of Deeds services are available Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Most Register of Deeds services can be conducted online at Register of Deeds Indexes & Images or via email and US mail. For more information please call 517-543-4203.

For your and our staff’s safety a mask or facial covering must be worn while in the enclosed public areas and social-distancing practiced.

Diana Bosworth
Eaton County Clerk & Register of Deeds

Welcome to the Eaton County Register of Deeds Office. It is a pleasure to serve as Eaton County Clerk and Register of Deeds. I hope you find this site to be easily accessible and informative. We strive to provide all our customers with accurate, efficient service and a pleasant experience.

E-Record Your Documents

Eaton County Register of Deeds now offers e-recording as an option for delivering your documents to the county for recording. You may now e-record all your deeds, mortgages and other documents online. If you have high-speed Internet access and a scanner, you have what you need to start e-recording. For more information or to get started please visit one of the following e-recording service providers:

Records Search

All records from 1836 to proof date are available online at Record Fusion.

*IF planning on printing multiple documents, put all of the documents under one "print queue", to only be charged an additional $1.00 for the complete transaction.*

Duties & Responsibilities

  • State Statute prescribes the duties of the Register of Deeds. The Register is responsible for receiving, recording and digital storage of all legal documents affecting Real Estate within Eaton County.
  • Documents are checked for Michigan recording requirements.
  • Content and intent are the responsibility of the person preparing the document. Any concerns regarding legal issues, you should consult with an attorney. Employees are not allowed to advise or fill out your document.