56A District Court

In response to COVID-19, the 

Eaton County Trial Courts 

are operating under a Phase 2 plan.


Proceedings will be conducted virtually 

to the maximum extent possible.  

In-person proceedings will occur on a limited basis. 


A drop box is available inside the doors of the courthouse during business hours or alternate methods of conducting court business can be found below. 


District Court Civil

           Email:  districtcourtcivil@eatoncounty.org

            Phone:  517-543-4064 

            Link to District Court Civil Office website:



Payment for filings can be made at:  www.govpaynow.com             

Enter PLC# 8882


Filing fee chart:  Filing Fee Chart


District Court Criminal

Email:  districtcourt@eatoncounty.org

Phone:  517-543-4029             Fax:  517-543-1469                            

            Link to District Court Criminal website:


Payments can be made at:  www.govpaynow.com                

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District Court Traffic

Email:  traffic@eatoncounty.org

Phone:  517-543-3359             Fax:  517-543-1469                            

Link to District Court Traffic webpage:


Payments can be made at:  www.govpaynow.com                

Enter PLC# 6701

Traffic Ticket Pricing Chart:  Traffic Ticket Pricing 

Circuit Court Clerks  

            Email:  circuitcourtclerk@eatoncounty.org

            Phone:  517-543-4346             Fax:  517-543-4475

            Link to Circuit Court Clerks Office website:




Probate Court 

            Email:  probateoffice@eatoncounty.org

            Phone: 517-543-7500  ext.1276, 1277, 1278

            Link to Probate Court webpage:         


Payment for filings can be made at:  www.govpaynow.com              

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Friend of the Court 


            Phone: 517-543-6850              Fax:  517-543-9980

            Link to Friend of the Court webpage:

Juvenile Court 

            Phone: 517-543-6003              Fax: 517-543-3749

            Link to Juvenile Court webpage:


            Payments can be made at:  www.govpaynow.com                

            Enter PLC# 6358

Exterior of the 56A District Court

The District Court was established by the Michigan Legislature in 1968 and is constitutionally and statutorily mandated. The 56A District Court includes two District Judges who are elected on nonpartisan ballots for a term of six years.

Cases Handled

The District Court handles cases filed within Eaton County, including:

  • All adult misdemeanors where punishment does not exceed one year
  • Civil cases up to $25,000 including small claims disputes up to $6,000 and landlord/tenant disputes
  • Civil infractions, including traffic and parking violations
  • Preliminary examinations in felony cases
  • Traffic cases

Financial Obligations

All financial obligations (fines, costs, restitution) are due in full on the date of sentencing. Pursuant to Michigan Court Rules (MCR) 1.110.