Traffic Driver Improvement Course

If you recently received a citation or traffic ticket for a civil infraction violation, you may be eligible to have the points from the violation not placed on your driving record. In addition, the violation itself would not appear on any public record accessible by an insurance agency. 

Taking a Driver Improvement Course

You can admit responsibility for the violation without a court hearing by contacting the 56A District court and paying the fines/cost. 

Within a few weeks, you will receive notification from the Secretary of State if you are eligible to participate in the Basic Driver Improvement Course offered by the Michigan Department of Secretary of State. 

Eligibility generally consists of currently having less than 5 points on your driving record with the current ticket not exceeding 2 or 3 points totaling up to 5 points.

Program Limitations

This action is only available to drivers licensed through the State of Michigan. This program is not available to commercial driver's license (CDL) holders.

Points on Your Driving Record

Please keep in mind the District Court does not place points on your driving record. The District Court cannot waive any points being placed on your driving record. This is a separate action by the Michigan Secretary of State. 

Driver Improvement Courses & Insurance

If you received a ticket as a result of a traffic accident and subsequently enroll in the basic driver improvement course, your insurance company or others will still have access to information of your accident involvement. 

If the ticket is dismissed, the accident information is still reported to the insurance companies