Felony Sobriety Court

Presiding Judge
Honorable John D. Maurer Judge Maurer Photo

Alternate Judge
Honorable Janice CunninghamJudge Cunningham photo

Eaton County, Michigan is a rural farming community that borders Ingham County and the capital city of Lansing. Demographically, this area is multi-cultural and we see many cross-jurisdictional cases. Although Eaton County is smaller in population compared to other counties, the county experiences steady alcohol and drug related crimes. The target population of Eaton County’s Felony Sobriety Court is OWI 3rd as well as OWI 2nd (Child Endangerment) offenders that meet Intermediate and/or Straddle Cell sentencing guidelines. The ultimate goal of the Eaton County Felony Sobriety Court program is to promote public safety while reducing substance abuse and recidivism rates among non-violent adult offenders. This is accomplished by using a non-adversarial approach to provide early detection for alcohol and/or drug use and quickly place appropriate candidates into the program.

The Sobriety Court Team meets regularly to discuss each participant’s progress. These status conferences and review hearings allow the court to utilize a system of incentives and sanctions to reward both positive and non-compliant behavior(s).

The mission of the Eaton County Felony Sobriety Court is to maintain public safety and build strong communities while successfully rehabilitating alcohol dependent offenders through cost effective alternatives to incarceration.

Grant funding received through the State Court Administrators Office allows us to provide services to this specific population.