Site Plan Review Committee

Uses permitted by Site Plan Approval in the Eaton County Land Development Code (zoning ordinance) are evaluated and considered for approval by the Site Plan Review Committee.  

The Site Plan Review Committee includes representatives of any or all of the following:  The Community Development Director, the Chief Executive Officer of the local government unit in which the proposed development is located, the Eaton County Drain Commissioner, the Eaton County Road Commission Engineer-Manager, the Director of Environmental Health, the Fire Chief or Fire Marshall of the fire department servicing the site, the Eaton Conservation District District conservationist, two (2) members of the Eaton County Planning Commission, plus one (1) member of the Planning Commission whose domicile is located closest to the proposed land development.  Other County, State and Local Officials may also be participants when appropriate (ie: MDOT, DEQ, EGLE, etc.).

Standards for Site Plan Review Approval are identified in Article 8, Section 8.6 of the zoning ordinance.  


  • Scheduled as Needed
  • 1045 Independence Boulevard
    Eaton County Board of Commissioner's Room
    Charlotte, MI 48813


  • Tim Cattron
  • Jeana Rohrs
  • Vicinity Member