2019 CoC HUD Application

FY 2019 HUD Continuum of Care Funding Announcements

9/27/19 Attention HUD Application and Final Priority Listing Available for review

Completed HUD Application

Final Priority Listing

9/13/2019 Attention Grant Applicants - Accepted Rank Order and Rejection Announcement

Accepted Rank Order and Rejection Announcement

CoC Final Ranking Decision Letter

Appeals Process for Ranking

8/14/2019 Scoring/Ranking Team to meet August 26, @ 9:00 am

See Full Meeting Announcement

8/12/2019 Adopted Prioritization and Ranking Policy 2019

See Prioritization Scoring and Ranking Policy

8/12/2019 Adopted Project Scoring Tool for RENEWAL Projects

See Project Scoring Tool

8/9/19  Request for Proposals (RFP) New Projects

RFP Posting New Project Applications      New Project Application

8/9/19  Project Submission to Collaborative Applicant by 8/29/19

See Announcement

7/18/19  HUD NOFA for the Program Competition published - 

See full HUD Announcement