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Office of the Eaton County Sheriff - Weekly Update

Posted on: February 2, 2021

Weekly Update Article February 1, 2021

Overall, Eaton County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to 697 calls for service.   Higher call volumes occurred in the following areas:  Traffic Stops-206, Suspicious Situation/Subject/Vehicle-30, Shoplifting Complaints-29, Assist Citizen/Motorist Assist-28, Traffic Violations-25,, Traffic Violations-25, Check Well Beings-23, Property Damage Crashes-20, Alarms-19, Car/Deer Accidents-19, Domestic Disputes-16, Civil Complaints-12, Traffic Hazards-11, Unwanted Subject-10, Larcenies-9, Disorderly Person or Subject-7.

 Here in mid-Michigan, we are all too familiar with severe weather.   From tornados and floods, to ice, wind and snow storms, we experience all sorts of weather extremes.     

 Remember a few years ago at Christmastime when many of us awoke up to find ourselves without electricity and a thick layer of ice coating everything outside.   For some, the extended power outage was nothing more than an inconvenience that they had prepared for.   For others, it was much more serious.   

 Think back to the challenges you and your family faced.  Was your power out for an extended period of time?  Did your phone work?  Did you have heat, a supply of food and a means to prepare it, along with fresh water in your home?  While these are basic things we normally take for granted, we soon recognized they are quite critical during a weather emergency or extended power outage.

  “Do 1 Thing” is an emergency preparedness program that originated right here in the Tri-County Mid-Michigan area.  The program was developed with the understanding that people are very busy and taking small steps toward a preparedness goal works much better than trying to do it all at once.  

 “Do 1 thing" breaks down emergency preparedness into 12 easy steps – and participants need only complete one of these small steps every month.   Soon after you begin, you will feel your knowledge of how to prepare for an emergency growing and your plan taking shape.   

 At the end of the 12-month cycle, your plan will be complete, and the program then starts over, allowing you to review the plans you’ve already made and update them as needed.  Of course, you may decide to complete this plan sooner than a 12-month period and use “Do 1 Thing” as a 12-step guide to complete your emergency plans within your chosen time frame. 

 We all know we have not seen the worst of this year’s Michigan winter yet.  We ask that you join with us and take the necessary steps towards being prepared for an emergency.  Please visit for more information on how to get started in this great FREE emergency preparedness program.  

 Thank you for your interest in taking positive action for yourselves, families and others you are responsible for, before an emergency event occurs.

 Yours in Public Safety

Sheriff Tom Reich


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