How do I serve the papers?

Anyone who is over the age of 18, other than you, can serve the respondent. There are 3 ways service of process can be completed:

  • By Process Server: Hire a process server. Find them in the Yellow Pages or view a list of Eaton County Circuit Court Process Servers.
  • By Personal Service: Have a friend or relative over the age of 18, who has no involvement in the personal protection order (PPO) request, personally hand the PPO paperwork to the person being restrained.
  • By Mail: Serve the person being restrained by registered mail (return receipt requested) with delivery restricted to him/her. The registered mail package should include a copy of the notice of hearing (if it is for a Hearing Motion), a copy of the entire packet you filled out and filed with the clerk as the PPO, and a copy of the order.

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1. How do I serve the papers?
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