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Election Inspector Test

  1. True or False:
  2. 1. Election Challengers may not be in the polling place before the polls open nor after polls close.
  3. 2. A voter who overvotes a race or cross-votes between partisan sections may spoil his/her ballot and be offered a new ballot.
  4. 3. Curbside voting must be provided if a voter is unable to enter the polling location and asks the precinct board for voting assistance.
  5. 4. Every voter standing in line at 8:00 p.m. must be permitted to vote.
  6. 5. Election Challengers may not talk to or approach voters nor touch any election materials.
  7. 6. Spoiled ballots do not require the secrecy to be maintained.
  8. 7. The copy of the Totals Tape that contains the Zero Report is attached to a Statement of Votes form and returned in the envelope addressed to the Local Clerk.
  9. 8. The Totals Tape must be signed by all election inspectors present at the close of the polls.
  10. Multiple Choice. Please chose the best answer to the question below:
  11. 9. Before the opening of the polls, inspectors must print the “Zeros Tape” and
  12. 10. A precinct may be recountable if:
  13. 11. When a voter enters the polling place, an election inspector must:
  14. 12. If the voter forgot his/her ID at home, they:
  15. 13. Acceptable forms of picture ID include:
  16. 14. Campaigning at the polls is prohibited:
  17. 15. Voters not listed on the precinct list of registered voters may still vote if:
  18. 16. What may a challenger challenge?
  19. 17. If a voter spoils his or her ballot or was issued a defective ballot, the voter may:
  20. 18. If a voter requests assistance after entering the voting booth or after beginning to mark their ballot with the Voter Assist Terminal, the assistance must be provided by:
  21. 19. If a voter requests the names of write-in candidates, the election inspectors must:
  22. 20. When a spoiled ballot is returned to an election inspector, the inspector should:
  23. 21. A ballot will be rejected by the tabulator if:
  24. 22. For a write-in vote to count:
  25. 23. Receiving Boards:
  26. 24. Voters who have moved to a new city or township within 60 days of the election may:
  27. 25. Some absentee voter ballots may need to be duplicated by two inspectors of different party preferences when they:
  28. 26. A voter who comes to the polls to vote but has already been sent and absentee voter ballot may either:
  29. 27. Which of the following is true:
  30. 28. Correcting mistakes found by the Receiving Board:
  31. 29. Prior to the opening of the polls, the inspectors must:
  32. 30. Voters can now take a photo of their voted ballot however, they may not:
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