Marriage Licenses

Marriage Licenses

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In-person applications are accepted 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday
Online applications can be submitted at any time
Please be aware our office is closed certain holidays, dates listed on the Clerk's Mainpage

You are eligible to apply for a marriage license in order to be married if:

    • You are not currently married (including marriages occurring in other countries)
    • You or your fiancé is an Eaton County resident - Michigan residents must apply in the county of their current address
    • You are 18 years of age or older 
    • AND you going to be married within 33 days of submitting your application

Exceptional circumstances:

    • If you both are out-of-state residents:
      • You would need to apply in Eaton County if your ceremony is to be performed in Eaton County
        If you are unsure please contact us with your venue's address and we can verify if it is Eaton County, because it may invalidate the license if it is performed in the wrong county.
    • An applicant is 16 or 17 years of age
      • A parent or guardian must be present with a valid government identification and proof of guardianship documents to sign a consent form.


One applicant must come in-person to the Clerk's office at least once regardless of whether you apply online or in-person.

Click here to apply online 

Or Click to download the In-Person application or obtain one at the Clerk’s Office

Marriage licenses are public records. We post online marriages filed within the month of your marriage ceremony.   Current Eaton County Marriage Filings

If you want to get married at the Courthouse by an Eaton County Judge or Magistrate you must set-up an appointment with District Court.  Call 517-543-4097 and leave a message.
(You will still need to go through the process with the Clerk's office to apply for and get a marriage license before you can get married.)


Michigan Marriage Law

Information required for the application:

  • full name, age, date of birth and registered residence of applicants
  • proof of identity (in the form of a driver’s license, passport, military ID or state ID)
  • proof of age (in the form of a birth certificate, driver’s license, passport, military ID or state ID)
  • proof of residence (in the form of driver’s license, or current bill addressed to the applicant)
    Michigan residents must apply in the county of their current address
    • Full and complete street name is needed including, if applicable, street type (road, blvd, etc.), listed direction, and apartment/unit/lot number.  Physical address only (no PO boxes please.)
      We go by the address shown on your picture I.D., so if you have a change of address on the back be sure to show us or copy both front and back.  If your address on your ID is not up-to-date please bring a current bill addressed to you at your current address.
  • the city and state you were born
  • applicants’ social security number
    • If an applicant does not have a social security number please contact our office for further instructions: 517-543-2478
  • the full and correct spelling of your parents’ names, as well as the maiden name(s)
    • Parent's information is required on all applications (regardless of applicants' age) and must be your legal parent as this is a genealogy/identity type legal document
  • the US State where applicants' parents were born
    • If parent was born outside of the United States, provide just City and Country of birth


  1. Submit application (Online or in-person at the Clerk’s Office)
    1. The license is valid to be used for 33 days, beginning on and including the application date, so be sure your marriage date will fall within that timeframe otherwise you will have to re-apply.
    2. In-person application office hours at Charlotte: M-F 8 AM to 4:30 PM
      Get more information about our special Friday hours in Delta Township
    3. For online applications, you will receive a confirmation on screen that your application has been submitted. If not, please contact our office at 517-543-2478 to verify we received your application.
      The day you apply online is the date used for starting the 3-day waiting period and 33-days validity.
  2. Provide proof of identity and residence and social security number for both applicants
    1. For any applicant not present a copy of their BIRTH CERTIFICATE and DRIVER’S LICENSE along with their SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER must be provided and it is helpful to have all documents for both.

      We go by the address shown on your picture I.D., so if you have a change of address on the back be sure to show us or copy both front and back.  If your address on your ID is not up-to-date please bring a current bill addressed to you at your current address.

    2. If applying in-person, bring proof documents at the time of application
    3. If applying online, bring proof documents after 3-day waiting period when picking up the license
  3. The affidavit is printed and proofed by the applicant(s) for errors
    1. Applicant(s) signs affirming they are complying with Michigan marriage laws and the information provided on the application is true and correct
  4. $20 (or $30 non-resident) fee is due
    1. Online payment option, additional fees apply
    2. Or pay in-person
      • We accept cash, check, money order, debit or credit (there is an additional fee when using a card)
  5. 3 calendar days after application the license is available to be picked up
    (You do not have to pick it up exactly when the third day is up, that is just the minimum, but you MUST give the license to the wedding officiant prior to your ceremony.)
    1. Pick-up available only during office hours for marriage applications: Charlotte M-F 8 AM to 4:30 PM
      Get more information about our special hours in Delta Township
      Please be aware our office is closed certain holidays, dates listed on the Clerk's Mainpage
    2. Please allow for up to 30 minutes spent in our office when picking up the license

NOTE: While there are no blood testing or HIV/AIDS classes required when applying for marriage licenses, we are required by State law to provide an educational pamphlet when you apply.

Important considerations:

  • It is important your personal information (spelling, dates of birth, parents information, etc.) on the marriage license is correct. Please thoroughly proof your license before you leave our office.
    • If you find an error after you are married and the license has been filed with the State of Michigan Vital Stats office it will require a court order by the Circuit Court to correct; that fee is $175.00.
  • The license is valid to be used for 33 days (starting on the date of the application)
  • There is a 3 day waiting period before the license can be picked up
    • This waiting period can be waived with a valid reason and for a fee of $15
      • A valid reason such as the set wedding date does not allow enough time for the waiting period, and proof of this would need to be provided, such as a wedding venue rental agreement.
  • The marriage license must be used in Eaton County when applicants are not Michigan residents
  • The marriage license must be delivered to the officiant before the ceremony can be legally performed.

Regarding Officiants

Please be advised that the Eaton County Clerk's office is governed by the State of Michigan laws on the issuance of marriage licenses.  It is the responsibility of the couple being married to determine the legality of the officiant performing the ceremony. To ensure full compliance with the law, you may want to seek the guidance of an attorney in interpreting the law regarding "Persons authorized to solemnize marriages."

Eaton County does not require Officiants to be on file with our office. It is the responsibility of the Officiant to understand the laws and duties regarding officiating a marriage.

In the appropriate spots on the Marriage License, the information must be entered legibly and we must have the officiant's printed name with their title, signature, and mailing address.
MCL 551.104 It shall be the duty of the clergyman or magistrate, officiating at a marriage, to fill in the spaces of the certificate left blank for the entry of the time and place of the marriage, the names and residences of 2 witnesses, and his own signature in certification that the marriage has been performed by him and any and all information required to be filled in in the spaces left blank in the certificate shall be typewritten or legibly printed. He shall separate the duplicate license and certificate, and deliver the half part designated duplicate to 1 of the parties, so joined in marriage, and within 10 days return the original to the county clerk issuing the same. It shall be the duty of such clergyman or magistrate to keep an accurate record of all marriages solemnized in a book used expressly for that purpose.  

Michigan Law excerpts regarding Officiants 

Michigan Marriage Law


Certified Copies

A certified copy of a record on file is printed on special security paper and contains a raised, embossed seal. An old-style license, on only white paper issued for the ceremony, with a gold and/or raised seal is not considered certified.

For information about how to purchase certified copies of a marriage license on file with Eaton County (for which the ceremony has already been performed) click here.

Additional Resources

One of the issued marriage ceremony licenses gets mailed/returned to:
Eaton County Clerk
1045 Independence Blvd
Charlotte, MI 48813

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