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What We Do...

The Equalization Department advises and assists the Board of Commissioners in equalizing property tax assessments on a county-wide basis. In conformance with state directives the Department conducts annual sales and appraisal studies. These studies are used to equalize assessed values for each class of property in each of the twenty-one local units of government within Eaton County. The Department assists local assessing officers in the discovery, listing and valuation of properties for tax purposes, and in the development and use of valuation standards and techniques for the assessment of property. The property description staff handles splits and combinations for all units except for delta twp. They also enter any sales info, name and address changes, legal desciptions, PA 116 applications and assists taxpayers with any questions they may have. 


Data and Property Tax Rates

2019 Supervisor & Assessors List

2018 Summer & Winter Tax Rates

2018 Summer Tax Rates

2018 Equalization Book

2017 Summer & Winter Tax Rates

2017 Supervisor & Assessors List Updated 01-16-2018

2017 Equalization Book

2017 Public Act 116 Parcel Map

2017 Residential Sales Study Map(Median Price by zip code)

2016 Summer & Winter Tax Rates Updated

2016 summer tax rates

2016 Equalization Book

2016 Eaton County Supervisor & Assessors List

2015 Eaton COunty Summer & Winter Tax Rates

2015 Eaton County Equalization Book

2014 Eaton County Summer & Winter Taxes

2014 Eaton County Equalization Book  

2014 Supervisors & Assessors List

2013 Certified Summer and Winter Tax Rates

2013 Eaton County Equalization Book

2012 Certified Summer and Winter Tax Rates

2012 Certified Summer Tax Rates

2012 Eaton County Equalization Book

2012 Eaton County Supervisors & Assessors Names & Phone Numbers

2012 Personal Property Statement

2011 Certified Summer & Winter Tax Rates

2011 School District Totals by Class

2011 School District Non-PRE Totals by Class

2011 Summer Tax Rates

2011 Equalization Book

2010 Certified Summer & Winter Tax Rates

2010 Supervisors & Assessors Names & Phone Numbers

2010 L-4046 (Adopted Taxable Values)

2010 Equalization Book

2009 Certified Summer & Winter Tax rates

2009 School District Non-Pre Totals by Class

2009 School District Taxable Value Totals by Class

2009 L-4046 (Adopted 2009 taxable values)

2009 L-4024 (Adopted 2009 assessed values)

2008 Certified Summer & Winter Tax Rates

2007 Certified Summer Tax Rates

2007 Certified Winter Tax Rates

2006 Certified Summer Tax Rates

2006 Certified Winter Tax Rates

Link to State of Michigan on how to estimate property taxes when purchasing a new home

2008 L-4024 (adopted 2008 assessed values)

2008 L-4046 (2008 taxable value report 2795) Base Report


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